Our works

We supply street panoramas of russian cities to "Yandex.Maps" service since 2009. We photographed more than 50 cities in Russia and 2 largest cities in Kazakhstan since then: tens of thousands kilometers of streets, more than half of a million panoramas!
Panoramas of Almaty
In February, 2012 Yandex.Maps presention has been held in Almaty where we have shot about 800 kilometers around the city.
Panoramas of Krasnodarsky krai and Rostov-on-Don
In May, 2010 we photographed over 1500 km of roads in Krasnodar Krai and Rostov-on-Don for Yandex Maps.
Panoramas of Yekaterinburg, Omsk and Novosibirsk
We shot panoramas in several cities in Urals and West Siberia regions for Yandex.Maps service.
Photos of Kazan, Nizhniy Novgorod, Samara and Chelyabinsk
In 2009 we made panoramic photographs of the four cities for Yandex.Maps.
Our street-view technology is demanded by broad range of customers like the municipalities and regional governments, and regional websites. We use this technology for regional touristic portals as well as for road condition monitoring.
Samara panos
We show panoramas of Samara for "GdeEtotDom" website
Виртуальный тур по Твери
We developed a virtual tour around main streets of the Tver city for municipal website.
Gigapixel panoramic photos are a prospective new technology. Right now they are used as an image products for cities, and we also use them in regional touristic portals.
Gigapixel image of city Yekaterinburg
We devoleped several stunning gigapixel photos for website.
Gigapixel image of Astana
In the summer 2011 we made several high-resolution panoramas of a beautiful city of Astana.
Moscow gigapixel images
In the summer 2011 we took gigapixel photos of Moscow from Federation tower and "Triumph-palace" building.
Virtual tours and panoramic presentations are very popular among various customers which are intrested in presentation of interiors.
Virtual tour around Palladium business center
We made a presentation of their "Palladium" business center for RED-group.
Panoramas of building sites for "Formula stroitelstva"
We developed a tour around building sites of "Formula stroitelstva" building company
Virtual tour around Legislative assembly of Sverdlovsk region
We developed a presentation of the new building of the Legislative assembly of Sverdlovsk region.
Virtual tour of the Duke restaurant
We developed a virtual tour for the newly-opened restaurant "Duke". Upon request some custom options were added to the tour.
Virtual tour of "Atlaza City Residence" hotel
A detailed and thorough virtual tour was developed for the hotel "Atlaza City Residence".
"Atlaza City Residence".
Panoramic views of interior salon "Richhouse"
On request of the interior salon "Richhouse" we photographed luxurious interiors in their showrooms.
Panoramic presentation of "Rodnaia Rus" motorship
In 2011 upon we developed a complete panoramic presentation of motorship and two of its touristic routes of the "Express-tour" company.
Virtual tour for the ayurvedic center "Indra"
We created virtual tour of the suburban ayurvedic center "Indra"
Panoramas of Ekaterinburg subway
We developed a system for the visual monitoring of advertising spaces in Ekaterinburg subway based on panoramic photography for the "Metro-2000" advertising agency.
Virtual tour of "Eurotel" hotel
We also developed a virtual tour of the privately owned hotel "Eurotel" in the city of Perm for their website.
Regional touristic web portals are an example of a product combining all of our technologies to create a unique and overwhelming solution to represent all the touristic potential of the region. We advise our customers to use street view to present regional centres, gigapixel panoramas for breathtaking sceneries, which are interesting to observe in detail. To present points of interest, simple 360-degree panoramas are enough, we also can place there some information about every specific place. To complete this solution, a detailed map is designed which combines all mentioned above in one interface.
Interactive map of the Ural silver ring touristic route.
Our company create a presentation of the Urals silver ring touristic route arond the Urals region for Sverdovsk region Ministry of Culture and Tourism.
Interctive guide of Sakhalin region
We developed an interactive guide around Sakhalin region for Sport and Tourism Ministry of Sakhalin region.