Virtual tour

A virtual tour is made up of several panoramas put together with the help of special software which makes it possible to navigate between the photographs.

A user can "travel" inside a building or over an area by clicking arrow icons, using maps or floor plans of the building, or by means of a menu. Objects in a virtual tour can come with commentaries or references as well as multimedia elements (music, video). These features allow using the technology to accomplish various tasks.

Various ways of navigating a virtual tour

Among the most common are promotional virtual tours which, in a thorough and effective way, present to a prospective customer the atmosphere of a company engaged in entertainment or catering, a fitness centre, etc. This technology is also widely used to present real estate or production facilities to prospective buyers, investors or partners.

City virtual tours serve as unique and interesting content for web portals and online mapping services as well as for monitoring the condition of roads and taking inventory of road network.

We also provide individual solutions for specific purposes. Thus on request of the advertising agency "Metro 2000" we developed a system of visual monitoring of advertising spaces in the Yekaterinburg subway.