City tours

What is a city virtual tour?

Panoramic photography of city views (also known as "street view") involves taking a large number (over 10 000) of panoramic photographs sequentially and showing their location on a map. Normally we photograph all primary and secondary roads in central and residential areas of a city as well as all primary roads in privately owned and industrial areas.

Виртуальный тур по Екатеринбургу
Virtual tour of Yekaterinburg

Why do you need a city virtual tour?

  • it serves as a city's "business card" to show all places of interest, community and production facilities to both visitors and residents of the city, informs political decision makers and business partners of the city's opportunities; 
  • it is a also cultural project, as modern technologies provide means of incorporating historical commentaries and other information concerning the city as well as quotes by academics, journalists, historians and other specialists;
  • it provides guests and residents of the city with useful information about popular locations and guides them around the city

What options do we offer?

  • hosting of city tour on customer's server (we'll tune the server, install software, upload images and integrate them into the customer's website)
  • integration by means of API (to add a virtual tour to your website you only need to insert a JS code in your HTML - no extra operations with the server needed, the content is being located at our site)
  • integration of panoramic photographs by a customer (we only do the photographing and processing)