Gigapixel panoramas of Astana

In honour of thirteenth birthday of Astana - the capital of Kazakhstan panoramic images of ultrahigh definition were published, shot from the roofs of skyscrapers. We implemented the project for Akimat of Astana (city administration).

In the old part of the city we shot about 2550 photos from the Seventh Continent (22 storeys) and Capital (30 storeys) skyscrapers to stitch three panoramic images of about 9 gigapixel of overall resolution.

Гигапиксельная панорама Астаны

In the new part of the city the panorama was shot from the roof of Northern Lights skyscraper (44 storeys). All in all about 2700 photos was shot to form three parts of the gigapixel panorama with overall resolution of about 14 gigapixels. The picture below shows a fragment of the panorama at the maximum zoom depicting the steeple of the monument situated 3.5 km from the point of shooting. Thus gigapixel panoramas present an outstanding chance for observing both the scenery and the smallest details.

Гигапиксельные панорамы Астаны