About us

We at Cityscanner Ltd have been developing projects based on panoramic photography since 2008, when the virtual tour of Ekaterinburg was launched. Since 2009 we supply panoramic images to the Yandex.Maps service, and have already photographed the streets of over 60 cities in Russia.

As the interest interest to panoramic technologies was growing, we started to work with wider circle of customers, and by now we have carried out projects with regional goverment and municipal institutions as well as web portals, advertising companies, hotels and restaurants. More information on our portfolio can be found in the "Our works" section of the website.

Our company uses a wide range of technologies based on panoramic photography. Apart from shooting streets with the vehicle-mounted setup, we do gigapixel panoramic photography, create virtual tours and more.

During the years, we have formed several typical solutions for different market sectors. Among them, street panoramas for municipal portals, regional touristic websites, presentations based on panoramas.

We also try and apply our technologies in the administrative and economic sphere. The use of a precise navigation system and the calibrated setup allows us to use panoramic imagery for asset inventory of the city streets equipment, like road signs, advertising constructions.

Our professional equipment and proven technological solutions ensure the high quality of the photographic materials. In turn, post-processing automation allows us to implement projects containing tens of thousands of images in the shortest time.

We are open to new projects and ideas, feel free to contact us using the special form at this website.